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Vibrant Color Vision


Experience Clear, Vibrant, Color Vision
O2Amp lenses and eyewear for professional and everyday use.

The product of cutting edge research featured online, in print, and on TV.

ABC News segment on O2Amp lenses.

Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech, O2Amp eyewear corrects and dramatically enhances your retinal color perception.

What does that mean? Wearing these lenses means seeing color like never before. Brilliant blues, fluorescent yellows, and blazing reds. Enhanced perception means gaining a competitive edge in careers and activities where vibrant color vision is crucial to correct diagnosis. Our customers include surgeons, EMT's, pediatricians, pilots, artists, electricians, meat inspectors, vintners, chefs, decorators, sharpshooters, golfers, boaters, botanists, bikers, video gamers, and even professional poker players.

How strong is the effect? Even genetically colorblind customers love these lenses (see colorblind glasses testimonials). For them it means passing the Ishihara test with confidence, eliminating occupational barriers, and enjoying activities they never thought possible. Many even report actually experiencing red for the very first time in their lives (see ABC News video).

Where can I buy these lenses? The lenses in the video are our original Sport frame. New for 2015 this technology is now available in multiple styles. Get yours today!

Note: We use no glass and no "rainbow" dielectric coatings. All products are durable, lightweight, anti-shatter polycarbonate lenses. Impact protection and UV protection come standard. All products made to order in the USA, and inspected before shipping. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Available in these finished frames.
  $277 +shipping

O2Amp Sport framed eyewear.
· Indoor/outdoor.
· Adjustable, ready-to-wear.
· As featured in ABC News video above.

  $357 +shipping

O2Amp Mirror-Sport framed eyewear.
· Wraparound silver shades. Ideal for outdoors.
· Adjustable, ready-to-wear.
· Same form factor as in ABC News video above.

Or... Take uncut lenses to your optometrist to put in frames of your choice.
  $127 +shipping

O2Amp lens blank pair.
· Indoor/outdoor.
· 6-base standard curvature.
· Your optician can cut these to your own frames.

  $177 +shipping

O2Amp mirrored lens blank pair.
· Ideal for outdoors.
· Silver mirror finish. 6-base standard curvature.
· Your optician can cut these to your own frames.

  $137 +shipping

O2Amp lens blank pair.
· Indoor/outdoor.
· 8-base curvature, for more wraparound feel.
· Your optician can cut these to your own frames.

  $167 +shipping

O2Amp Clip-on lens pair.
· Indoor/outdoor. 6-base standard curvature.
· Lens edge thickness calibrated for clip-on standard.
· Your optician can fit these over your existing Rx frames.

  $297 +shipping

O2Amp Rx lens blank pair.
· Indoor/outdoor.
· Your optical lab can grind these to your prescription.


O2Amp lens technology is the subject of three patents.
Based upon groundbreaking research from 2AI Labs. CIFER©2015.