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O2Amp lenses dramatically amplify your ability to perceive color.
O2Amp research has been featured online, in print, and on TV.
See our testimonials from doctors and other professionals.
Also see our health blindness TEDx talk (video).    

Paramedic Vein Glasses

Vein Finder glasses

Paramedic Vein Glasses
    Now popular among paramedics, our patented Oxy-Amps are the only medical protective lenses that actually enhance your perception of the patient. [See whitepaper pdf.] Available on Amazon as hospital-grade protective eyewear in adjustable frames. Order paramedic vein lenses.

"Started testing them yesterday. Paired with a Streamlight TL-2, it worked well at night also. First impression is that it definitely helps, ESPECIALLY on pediatrics who are really hard to stick a second time so need to nail it the first time. They have thin skin, good blood flow but lots of adipose under skin that is a vascular, so was able to see their veins significantly better." - Patric L. DOC Rescue.

"The small surface vessels seem to stand out nicely, and when doing quick scans for veins [the lenses are] quite helpful." - Dan R. EMS/AMR.

Hemo-Iso lenses

Wound Care Lenses
    These dramatically enhance perception of blood concentration under the skin. Medical professionals use these lenses to spot very early signs of trauma, bedsores, or abuse. Available on Amazon as hospital-grade protective eyewear in adjustable frames. Order wound care lenses.

For both wound care lenses and vein finder lenses, order our full medical kit.

"The Hemo-Iso glasses absolutely helped me identify and define the borders of cellulitis erythema on a patient!" - Wound Specialist & Surgical Director, Tufts Medical Center.

"A car accident victim complained in the ER of chest and abdomen pain, and although no bruising was apparent, with the Hemo-Iso glasses one could clearly see the bruised impression of the seat belt on her chest and abdomen." - Attending physician, St. Alphonsus Medical Center.

Oxy-Amp lenses

Medical Protective Lenses
    Our Oxy-Amp paramedic lenses, now available in 20-packs. Available on Amazon in 20-packs of hospital-grade protective eyewear.

"I have had no eye-strain after about 4 hours surgery with [these] glasses. I could see the operation view well, it looks like compensated with Photoshop." - Chief of Center for brain and spine surgery, Aoyama General Hospital.

Color Blindness Glasses

Color blindness glasses

Color Blindness Lenses [See ABC News video.]
    These restore near-normal color perception to most people with red-green colorblindness. Available in basic/adjustable frames, designer frames, clip-ons, and lens blanks. Our Rx lenses will be back soon.

• See our full catalog of color blindness options at Amazon.

"Colors... just everywhere. It was emotional, it was just beautiful vibrant oranges, and reds, and yellows. Stuff I just didn't know was there." - Ryan F. [ABC News video]

Health blindness glasses

Health blindness glasses

Health Blindness Lenses [See our TEDx talk.]
    These restore near-normal color perception to clinicians who have trouble seeing common color-based health cues, such as discerning veins, inflamed tissue, jaundice, blood, bile, and feces. Available on Amazon as hospital-grade protective eyewear in adjustable frames. Order health blindness lenses.

"After 20+ years of medical education, I had a healthy skepticism about these glasses. I mean, how can you "cure" color-blindness, my cone cells have a mutation and my brain has learned to adapt. My eyes simply can't absorb light at those frequencies. But... OH MY GOD, THEY WORK!!! ... Makes me wish I'd invented or invested." - Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University.

Also see our O2Amp storefront at Amazon.

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O2Amp lens technology is the subject of three patents.
Based upon groundbreaking research from 2AI Labs. CIFER©2015.