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Color Blindness... Curedtm

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Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech, O2Amp eyewear corrects and enhances your red-green color perception as nature intended.

For the colorblind, this means passing the Ishihara test, and eliminating barriers to numerous careers and activities that require color acuity. Many of our customers report actually experiencing red or green for the very first time in their lives. The lenses in the video are Oxy-Iso's, now available for purchase as:

· Framed eyewear, HERE. (Adjustable, ready-to-wear.)

· Lens blanks, HERE. (Your optician can cut these to your own frames.)

· Rx lens blanks, HERE. (Your optical lab can grind these to your prescription.)

· Clip-on lenses, HERE. (Your optician can fit these over your existing Rx frames.)

For medical professionals, vibrant color vision is crucial to correct diagnosis. For this reason our lenses have also become popular medical eyewear across multiple colorblind and non-colorblind use cases.

O2Amp lens technology is the subject of three patents, based upon groundbreaking research from 2AI Labs.